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In the DayZ Survivors we are a group that in the year 2014 and now we return to demonstrate our qualification, our history is based on helping the few existing survivors, who to join if the survivors will survive more in this apocalyptic world, that luck you follow.

DayZ Mod is a mod complemented in Arma 2: Operation ArrowHead, where you face a character from within an apocalyptic world, have to look for survival and defense equipment and among others as vehicles, will find other players and have to think if they are friends or enemies!

Our rules about our server!

In well understood we do not go back after our disappointments, if it is confirmed if the player is with some type of program or to describe in the chat will be banned unfairly without right to complain, we defend the respect already that they have lost between from inside the DayZ Mod!

But it is necessary for each to continue and each one organize his constructive ideas to something that benefits his interes in the game, of course everyone has the ambition to want something in return or for fun with someone who trusts so much in the other.

So in this high regard for yourself you can discover things with another player in addition to discovering the world accompanied and develop with other players try friendly thoughts!

Do not insult even if everything is going wrong, try again there will always be someone around!
You want to gain advantage using hack ?, someone to destroy the game of other players that will win with that size of its greatness that the bottom is empty of ability to conquer!
Enjoy the game and also from our server!

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